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Having autoimmunity myself, I know what it's like to struggle with chronic health issues. It's why I developed MindfulSuccess in 2008 and our newest program, Forgive.Love.Heal in 2019. At the center of our approach is PSYCH-K®, a self-empowering process that rapidly creates new neural connections, and therefore healing potential, in minutes. Our transformational forgiveness and mindfulness tools are also easy to use and quite indispensible. Ready? Let's get started.


What would you like to improve?

Grief & Loss

Release the painful past. Forgive yourself and others. Be free of guilt and anxiety.


Live into greater prosperity and abundance. Enjoy success in its many forms.

Health & Body

Be free to be healthy. Release all unnecessary stress and emotional dis-ease triggers.


Enjoy more satisfying relationships with your partners, friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances.


Become your own best friend. Loving yourself is the key to loving life!


Know yourself as whole, complete, connected and loved by Divine Presence.

Personal Power

Trust yourself. Be in your own power. Recognize your heart's desire and live it.

And More!

Freely express your highest values and creativity. Live into a deeply satisfying & joy-filled life.


"My son has tried many therapies for his debilitating anxiety, from traditional psychotherapy to drug therapy to you name it, and each practioner eventually gave up on him. Nothing helped until we found Suzanne. He's finally starting to come out of his shell and live life again. She has been a godsend." Mother of client

"It was clear that limiting beliefs ran my life. At the core I felt left out, unworthy and was always waiting for something bad to happen. It's funny that some of my friends still comment on how relaxed I am now. My relationships have improved, too. Especially the one with myself!" Jackie W.


First, I listen.

We start by focusing on you, your goals and challenges. Whatever is shared during our session is honored, respected and held in full confidence. 

Then we find...

Together we identify the limiting thoughts & beliefs and begin rescripting them into supportive ones. You follow a guided step-by-step process to "install" new, life-enhancing subconscious beliefs.  

And activate your full potential.

Forgiveness plays an important role in rescripting thoughts and feelings. Not the typical kind of forgiveness you think of -- absolving other people for what they’ve done to us -- but something beyond:  

The forgiveness I’m describing is ‘an undoing’ and ‘a letting go’ of the meanings we learn to make of our experiences. Looking at wounds and traumas differently, yes, but more than that, it’s about giving up all judgements, opinions and beliefs that cause our ongoing pain and stress. Like weight training, forgiveness is not a one-time thing. It’s a mental practice and for me it's been a loving, life-saving one.  


I’m Suzanne Finder.

It's my joy and passion to lovingly support women and men in their healing process. From years of study, practice and my own passion for personal development, as well as my personal journey with Hashimotos (autoimmune disease), I know how frightening living with "incurable" illness can be.  

Together we will use only the most effective approaches to crafting a more loving, fulfilling and healing life. 

Suzanne Finder

As a life coach I found that many clients simply wouldn't follow through on their commitments, and I didn't have the tools needed to "break through" their sabotaging behaviors.  

It wasn't until I found PSYCH-K, the one approach that worked for me, that I began feeling better and started seeing lasting changes in myself. I've been using PSYCH-K with myself and clients ever since (2009).  

If you're ready to replace old habits and ways of thinking with self- and life-affirming beliefs to create a life you love...

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